Love & Care

The day started off well, with a drive to a daycare centre , Love & Care, in Masiphumelela. The kids were great and they were full of energy. When we entered the facility, they sang a number of songs and I’ll have to admit it was really cute. The teacher of the school, Aurelia, is a very kind and loving person and after the singing we played games with them outside and had delicious melktert (milk tart) and they all enjoyed it. The kids were full of energy and they loved trying to climb on our shoulders. I was playing with one boy whose name was Umxholi, and all he wanted to show me his kickboxing, roundhouse-kicks, and all sorts of other fighting moves by implementing some of them on me. All in all, the daycare centre was really amazing and worthwhile and from that we learned many things such as lots of those kids are HIV positive and that some of those kids parents can’t afford to take care of the kids so they stay at the Love & Care centre.

After some fun and games with the kids we took the bus and went all the way downtown for some shopping. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Cape and “shopping” there was like shopping in New York for me because the buildings look different and since the World Cup, the streets and places look new and there are far more tourists than I’ve seen before. We went to a market called the Pan African Market, where they sell African jewelry, traditional clothing, Sangoma masks, and fantastic artwork. It was great, and after the market we went to a “fine restaurant” called Wimpy. We had burgers, dogwoods and chips (fries). Some of the team members in our group kept calling Wimpy the South African version of McDonald’s, and I said to them, “The only difference between Wimpy and McDonalds, is that Wimpy serves food.” There was good sunny weather and great atmosphere.

After some shopping, our next stop was at Muizenburg beach. We stopped at the beach and, my gosh, there were so many surfers there. It was great and it made me miss surfing back in Durban. We walked along the beach at sunset, and it was really great. After the beach we went for dinner at Kalkies Fish & Chips. The meal was great, and when the waitress that was serving us was “hitting on” Papa G (Mr. Mayes) that was really funny. I loved the time when we were eating together, because that was a time where the whole group just got really close with each other and our group was really happy. After Fish & Chips, we went to Kalk Bay Theatre Sports (improv.) and it was really funny. The actors played fun and interesting improvisation games and I really enjoyed the theatre sports. I really have a passion for theatre and acting and that night was great. Our night and day was awesome and everyone enjoyed themselves.

~ Bongani M.



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  1. Bongani – You’ll have to explain to about “dogwoods” when we next meet. I’ve never heard the term before. As for Wimpy’s, it’s been around a long time, and I remember one of the worst burgers of my life at a Wimpy’s in England. That may be more to do with the way food is generally prepared in England, though, and I’m glad to hear that the Wimpy food in S.A. is of a much higher standard than I would have guessed. ~pdy

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