The Next Generation

As the days of this trip come to an end, I realize that this trip is about the kids. The next generation is going to have to deal with present mistakes and be responsible for the progress of our nations. Throughout this trip we have visited many child-orientated programs, schools, and facilities and today we visited more of those inspiring programs. As we traveled in our bus through the townships of Cape Town we stopped at a shack that looked just like the ones all around it; however, it is a run by a woman that makes this “shack” into a beacon of light for the local children. We, at Shawnigan, have more than we need to eat, but here there are many children without food and Rosie has come to the rescue for the past 21 years. She supplies the children with oatmeal and a peanut butter sandwiches for lunch at school. And when it comes to dinner, she tries her best when food is available.

Another facility is a local kindergarten / daycare. Along with focusing on the children they realize that the reason for the child to be in their care is that the parents don’t have proper training to earn a living. For that they offer trade training. The women have the opportunity to work and learn how to weave rugs, tablecloths, and bags.

Over the past three weeks on this trip we have visited over seven different child growth programs in the locations that need help and we realize that when you help the youth, you’re helping everyone. So this whole experience is all about how to sustain children.

~ Aaron W.


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  1. I love what you wrote, Aaron, because your words are clear and succinct–and because you obviously “get it.” Namaste. ~pdy

  2. You guys have done so much! Im very jealous of your experience. I have to say i found that a lot of your work with children reminds me very much of what we did in Costa Rica. If you guys were like me you may have thought to yourself ” im working for free in my summer when i could be relaxing doing nothing.” But then if you were like me again, those moments when you meet the kids and the people, you realize how amazing it is to help. And you even wish you could do more. It is beyond rewarding what you guys are doing and keep those experiences with you.

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