From Atop A Table!

Another early morning today! We picked up the team and were off to Table Mountain. There we hiked up the trail and it was a lovely day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The hour and a half hike was well worth it when we reached the top. The view was breathtaking. We saw all of Cape Town from this viewpoint; it’s honestly such a beautiful city. We caught the cable car to go down. The cable car was much like the one on the Grouse Grind except way better because the floor spun in a circle so everyone could get the full 360o view. Later we went to downtown Cape Town. We split into groups and did some shopping. Many of us went to the Pan African Market; this is where we found the best souvenirs! Another great place for bargains is Green Market Square. We gathered at Ms Ferris’ sister’s house, and we enjoyed dinner with the team and all of our home stay families. Currently I am packing and getting ready for our final wrap debrief tomorrow. I’m so shocked that we are leaving tomorrow. Even though it’s been three weeks, it feels like we have only just arrived. It hasn’t hit me yet that tomorrow we have to leave South Africa. I’m hoping to have a fun and memorable last night with my team and home stays.

~ Karimah N.


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  1. A few comments from me: What does “Papa G” stand for? What an awesome shot of the sky behind Bongani’s leap (just kidding: what an awesome shot of Bongani leaping!); What incredible views from the top of the mountain: I’ve just added it to my bucket list. See you soon at home, gang. Can’t wait to hear your stories in person. ~pdy

  2. Safely Home

    Well, we are finally all home after a wonderful trip and numerous
    experiences and memories. Sometime in the future I hope to produce a hard copy of the trip, including more photos and all the blogs.

    I have learned a great deal on this trip, and hopefully we will be able to
    use our combined experience to take another trip to the African continent,
    perhaps doing some of the same activities and removing some from the list.
    Thanks to all the team members for their input and advice to anyone planning
    a similar trip.

    I would like to thank everyone for their support, help and work to make this
    trip possible: Nigel, Sally, Henry, Lizzie, Evan, Kennedy, Aaron, Megan,
    Bongani, Nahanni, Ngabo, Brooke, Karimah and Kat, their parents and the
    administration of Shawnigan Lake School. Thanks also to Ryan and Laughlin
    for maintaining the blog postings. Thanks Peter for meeting us at the airport in Victoria!

    If you haven’t already looked at these sites, I recommend that you do. If
    you want a truly meaningful, volunteer experience in South Africa, I
    strongly recommend both endeavours.

    Look up: AND

    Jenny Ferris

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